Fluid Leaks In Your Audi - Things to Know and Finding Solutions For Them


Buying a foreign luxury car is always a dream come true, but how often would you expect any mechanical issue in your foreign luxury vehicle? You take out your Audi and pull out of the driveway, a small puddle might lead to a leak, and the moment you find it, the first thing that your attention turns toward to is an auto body shop that can provide you with the best quality Audi repair. Most of the luxurious vehicles get some moisture spots underneath the carriage and understanding them to identify the leaking issues is essential. Here are some of the common issues discussed that will have a better understanding of the vehicle issues before reaching out to the mechanics.

Color of the Leak

Just like your blood has its tinge signifying the conditions, the cars have their fluid as well. Knowing each one of them might be of some use when you fall back with your Audi midway. The greenish fluid that is found underneath the car is the antifreeze and the black of pitch dark fluid that you see dripping at times is the engine oil. Apart from these main two fluids, there are also the transmission fluid and the steering fluid as well. While the former has got some reddish tint, the latter one bears light brown color in itself.

These leaks have got one single meaning- you need to have a thorough Audi service to avoid staining the driveway. There are some DIY ways to clog these leaks as well, but that might not guarantee the quality. Hence taking it to the authentic auto body shops makes the most sense.

A leak can imply loose transmission bolts or even some severe overheating issue as well. Since the range of problems is wide, delaying the servicing might not be safe for your luxury vehicle at all. Since the leaks can happen at any point in time, proper maintenance from the distinguished and authorized independent or Audi service centers is the most plausible way. Leak free cars are the safest to ride, and thorough maintenance can only help achieve it. Get it serviced and enjoy the best ride of the season.